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A comfortable deckchair, a beautiful umbrella, a well-kept beach, in general an attractive design stops the gaze and gives the tourist confidence that he will feel good...

the advantages of wicker umbrellas compared to reed ones


The shade provided by wicker umbrellas is cooler and more "airy" than other types of umbrellas. If you want an even thicker shade, the interiors can be custom-lined with white cloth that will remove and more sunlight.


Wicker umbrellas are stackable. Hats can be easily stacked in the winter after the legs have been removed. Asftel is very easy to transport and at low cost. For optimal transport and storage, the legs are placed side by side and umbrellas can be stacked on top.


Our umbrellas are simply beautiful and ennoble any beach or terrace. They are part of the natural, ecological, handmade trend, making their use much easier. There will be no need to sweep once or several times a day when it is windy, because the canes withstand the storm without any problems. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_mediterraneen so loved by tourists.  "THEY ARE DIFFERENT" and allow tourists to enjoy the sea breeze without reeds in the sand.


A wicker umbrella lasts 4-5 years without major maintenance. Washing, varnishing, handling and storing correctly during the winter doubles the useful life of the umbrellas, plus they will always have a neat appearance. There is no need to clean the beach of broken pieces (as with reeds), there is no need to repair them annually (running after reeds, after craftsmen, after wood, nails, etc.)


Two people are enough to assemble/disassemble an umbrella. First the hat is attached to the foot, then it is fixed in the hole.  Disassembly is done by repeating the steps in reverse.

shade in style!

Gone are the days when umbrellas of any kind could be used on the beach or on the terrace. Tourists have been abroad or see on the net how they are set up in other countries. Now there are more operators and in order to attract customers each wants to come up with something else. And we are not just talking about the days when it is announced on TV that a hundred or two hundred thousand tourists are going to the seaside and all the beaches are full. We all know that in tourism it is very important to have as high a degree of occupation as possible during the rest of the days. That's why we offer beach umbrellas that are more beautiful and more durable than reed or canvas ones.

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