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1. How to place an order?

If you have decided to make a change in the design of your beach or terrace and have reached the shady side, we look forward to a discussion. Tell us how you want it to look: what size, what shape, what finishes or colors. How much will it take to shade each lounger? When it will be done? We will calculate the price, we will see what would be the most advantageous way of delivery. After you pay a down payment, we start work. If what you want is already in stock, that's great because the delivery will be done in a few days in Romania and as soon as possible in the rest of Europe.

2. Warranties

We guarantee that handled with care and used correctly, our umbrellas will beautify your location for 5-10 years. The long life of a metal structure (the assembly of spokes and the middle of the umbrella) makes it possible to reweave after the wicker (like any wood fiber) will degrade, i.e. after the 5-10 years initially estimated depending on the local climate.

Umbrellas properly cleaned and stored over the winter, possibly varnished or oiled at the beginning of each season, will be very beautiful for many seasons, like any well-maintained wood.

3. How to properly maintain wicker umbrellas?

Like any wood fiber, wicker will be affected by sunlight, moisture and dust. After all, that's her job: to stop the harmful midday rays. The umbrella is washed at the end of the season with a strong jet of water (possibly brushed carefully so as not to break the threads), then it dries very well in the sun and wind. Storage is done in a space protected from rain and snow. If you oil or varnish it at the beginning of next season, you will protect your investment, and the well-kept umbrellas will attract new tourists for many years.

4. How to transport the woven wicker umbrellas?

For the transport of wicker umbrellas, depending on the quantity ordered, a van may be sufficient (for those with a diameter of 2m, a few dozen pieces) or a truck may be needed (for those with a diameter of 2.45m). First, the wooden poles are placed side by side and the umbrella hats are stacked on top.

5. How to assemble wicker umbrellas?

To equip your beach or terrace with these umbrellas, first fix the hat on the screw in the pole's fastening system. Both nuts are screwed well with a suitable key. The two nuts are necessary so that the umbrella does not come apart during use due to the wind. Then, two people are enough to lift the umbrella from the bottom and fix it in the hole prepared in advance. Attention: the painted umbrellas are handled with more care so as not to damage the paint.

6. How to disassemble the umbrellas  woven from natural wicker canes?

The umbrellas are removed from where they were fixed as a whole and after they are placed on the ground, the nuts are unscrewed. The pole separates from the braided structure and the hats stack like discs. ATTENTION!  Painted umbrellas are handled with extra care so as not to damage the paint. All umbrellas are handled carefully so as not to snag or break the wicker threads.

7. How to store wicker umbrellas out of season?

In the off-season, wicker umbrellas are stored stacked. The poles can be placed next to each other, and the hats are placed on top of each other. Before this, it is very good to wash with water under pressure, to clean the dust well. Then it is left to dry, because otherwise you risk mold over the winter as can happen to any wood fiber. In the spring, a colorless or colored varnish or a paint can change the appearance of the umbrellas to welcome tourists with something new year after year.

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